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NMCI Services,
National Maritime College of Ireland,
Co. Cork,

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NMCI Services

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The Irish Logistics & Transport Awards 2015

Posted: March 23, 2015

The ILTAs are Ireland’s most highly prized awards in the Logistics and Transport Industry, recognising the main areas of excellence in the industry encompassing strategy, future planning, transportation and supply chain integration.


On Thursday, March 19th 2015 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Dublin, Burlington Road, the cream of Ireland’s transport and logistics sector were recognised and celebrated in front of an audience of almost 400 senior executives. Hosted by the hilarious Irish comedian Dermot Whelan, 19 prestigious trophies were presented to the very best leaders and organisations within Ireland’s logistics and transport sector.



With The Irish Independent as Media Sponsors for the event the ILTAs were also sponsored by AIB, DAF, HYSTER, Health & Safety Authority, CustomsMatters, Amárach Research and Irish Truck & Light Commercials.
At the awards the NMCI were presented with the overall Education Award, a prestigious award which was earned due to the hard work and commitment of staff at the NMCI. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our congratulations to them from all of the team in at NMCI Services. For a full overview of all the winners follow this link.



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Simulation @ NMCI Services

Posted: March 2, 2015
360° full-mission bridge simulator

360° full-mission bridge simulator




The NMCI boasts one of the largest simulation suites in Europe if not the world. This compromises of the following Kongsberg Simulators:




360° full-mission bridge simulator 270° full-mission bridge simulator




• 360° full-mission bridge simulator


• 270° full-mission bridge simulator


• 3 x auxiliary 150° bridge simulators


• 12 x NARAS-O/Fleet work simulators


• Vessel Traffic System simulator at 3 control positions


• 6 Bridge ECDIS Suite






Simulation Courses


We deliver bespoke courses which are tailored to individual clients needs because we recognise that each client is different. We primarily utilise our 360° full mission bridge to provide, amongst others, specialised ship handling courses. These include;


• Pilot Training


• Ship Specific training


• Propulsion Specific Training


• Port Specific training




Specialised Operations such as; 


• Ship to Ship Transfer


• Replenishment at Sea for Seismic Industry



Our in-house capabilities in visual & hydrodynamic modelling means there is no limit with regard to vessels or ports that can be simulated.


In addition to enhancing these courses, the modelling capabilities allow us to offer the facilities for manoeuvring and port development studies.


Our extensive expertise in simulation allows us to also offer consultancy services in all aspects of simulation; design, purchase, and installation, together with course preparation and delivery.


We also deliver approved courses such as;


• ECDIS Operator Electronic Chart Display


• Nautical Knowledge Weeks


• VTS- V-103/1 VTS Operator -Simulation


• VTS- V-103/1Operator Underpinning Knowledge


• 2 day Kongsberg Type Specific Training




We are constantly developing new courses as well.


Our suite of bridges is enhanced and complimented by extensive engine and cargo simulation.


• Full mission Engine Room simulator with low and high speed diesel engine models


• 20 student workstations for Engine Room systems simulations


• Liquid cargo handling and damage control simulators at 10 student workstations


They allow us to offer combined simulator exercises, in addition to the process training that the engine and cargo simulators are suited for.




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Launch of the PALS program at NMCI

Posted: February 25, 2015


Today the NMCI welcomed Barbara Hempel, project manager for PALS, to launch the PALS initiative in the college.

PALS is an acronym for Peer Assisted Learning and Support. The social side of PAL’s is what we have introduced here at NMCI. It is derived from the L.I.S.T.E.N. (Listen & Involve Students to Empower New Beginnings) peer mentoring service in CIT. In layman’s terms it’s like a buddy system. It improves the first year student’s experience of college through social mentoring.

So what is PALS all about?

Take a moment and think back to when you were getting ready to go offshore you were probably a nervous wreck of excitement…. It was more than likely daunting going into a new environment and not knowing anybody and wondering would you make friends. For some people it can be exciting and for others it can be nerve wrecking.

PALS takes the pressure away. It helps you settle in, get to know people, learn the ropes and have an overall positive experience of the new journey ahead of you.

It improves the student’s experience of placement through social mentoring. The PALS initiative provides both support and guidance to students. It creates that social connection with other students which can be hard for some to achieve and instils confidence in students. By having a senior student as a mentor it gives students an opportunity to discuss possible pre placement issues and sponsorship issues which the mentor will have experience in.

Not only a mentor, your PAL helps you develop as a person. By gaining confidence your communication skills, your interpersonal skills and even your problem solving skills will improve.
It’s not just a one way system though; the PALS program benefits both parties. When you’re leaving college and looking to be employed, by having the PALS program on your CV it will enhance your employability as it shows you have skills such as leadership, communication, and teamwork. Sponsoring companies are even supportive of the PAL’s initiative and acknowledge participating students.

What does being a mentor entail?

Being a mentor is a great opportunity and one which is supported by both the NMCI and Sponsoring companies. The idea is that the mentor/ mentee will meet in a social setting and have a chat. It’s all about being social. Chat, drink tea/coffee and engage with one another. NMCI will provide a drinks voucher for each mentors/mentees so the financial strain is taken away from the gathering.

Think of it as a time to chill and catch up with friends; that’s what the program enables; it enables friendship amongst peers. Remember, even though Facebook takes up our time, it’s important to interact with people face to face.

Stand up, be a mentor and get involved in the PALS program, we all remember what it was like to be the new kid on the block.

For further information regarding the PALS program contact:
Maritime Liaison Officer Annette Coughlan |


My mentor met with me every week for a chat which really helped me settle in to CIT as I was really homesick at the beginning’ (CIT Student)

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Behind the scenes #BOSIET Course

Posted: February 19, 2015


Adventure Time

Today we bring you on a behind the scenes tour of a BOSIET course which was being ran by two of our Instructors- Cillian & Elizabeth today. Check out the pictures below to see the delegates and instructors in the Environmental Pool.


What is a BOSIET Course?

This 3 Day offshore course is designed to provide delegates with a basic knowledge of safety and emergency response procedures for working in offshore environments. Delegates gain a basic level of understanding and awareness of the hazards encountered when working on offshore installations, and of the safety regime and safety management systems in place to control and mitigate those hazards. The course is a mix of theoretical and practical sessions, during which delegates are required to demonstrate their level of knowledge and understanding of the training programme content.

The course covers the following elements:

- Safety Induction

- Helicopter Safety and Escape

– Sea Survival

– Fire fighting

- First Aid


image2 8888888 88888  6666  555 333 88 77 5 - Copy  6 - Copy  7 - Copy  8  44 55 66 3

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Why delegates choose NMCI Services

Posted: February 17, 2015


Why choose NMCI Services?

NMCIS is the commercial division of the National Maritime College, Europe’s leading third level maritime college. Our goal is to achieve and deliver excellent, quality service to our existing and future customer base. All of our clients are safe in the knowledge that they are trained by experienced, professional mariners to the highest standards. Let NMCI Services be your first port of call.

 Did you know that we have a 10 acre site with state of the art facilities located only 16km from Cork City, a city with key transport links across Europe? Well we do! We partnered with GAC and SEFtec Global Training Ireland Ltd, enabling us to meet International Standards. And just when you thought that wasn’t enough we give corporate discounts and even offer bespoke training to meet the needs of your industry. Why not make NMCIS your first port of call…


What delegates have to say about us…

When you think of maritime training then you should be thinking NMCIS,  that’s what comes to mind for delegates who have completed their training with us.

We have handpicked the best instructors in industry to teach all our professional short maritime courses and this is reflected in the testimonials from delegates. Check out some of those testimonials below;



“An excellent course ran by professionals. Training was delivered to a very high standard and information was conveyed in a clear and professional manner. Overall I felt the course was very good and well delivered by all trainers”. (Terry J. Rathire) (BOSIET Course)


“The course content was excellent and all four instructors (Terry, Joe, Killiann, and Liz) were exceptional at their jobs. I would highly recommend the training centre. I will definitely be returning to complete my next course at the facility”.  (Rory O’Connor) (BOSIET Course)



“I had an enjoyable day on the FOET. The three instructors were very professional and informative. All questions were answered and explained thoroughly. I will definitely recommend NMCIS to all of my colleagues”. (Stephen Harris) (FOET Course)


Personal Survival Techniques

“Brilliant course, it was very well structured and presented. I have to say that Terry, Liz and Killian are extremely knowledgeable and were great operators. Thanks a million”. (Patrick McLeod) (PST Course)


“I found the course very enjoyable. It was a great combination of theory and practical learning. The lecturers were extremely knowledgeable, and friendly. I would highly recommend this course to anybody”. (Romano Capocci) (PST)


“Great course. I’m not very confident in the water but felt very safe and completed the helicopter simulation thanks to the instructors. Overall it was a great experience and I will be recommending NMCIS to my colleagues”.  (Chris Marsh) (PST)




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“Our people are our most valuable asset”

Posted: February 13, 2015


“Our people are our most valuable asset”

Steve Jobs once said that “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. – that’s why we at NMCI Services take pride in getting leading industry experts to join our team. By handpicking our team we are confident that they love what they do, have the relevant qualifications and experience, and most importantly that they want to be a part of our growing company.


Our Story

Not only do our employees love what they do but they take pride in delivering top class maritime training courses to meet the needs of both our current and prospective clients. Meeting the specific needs of that customer base enables us to gain a deeper understanding of them. Understanding their needs and wants has enabled us to grow and develop, to create specific training courses and to offer bespoke dates.

While understanding our clients and providing a top quality service has been an integral part of our ethos, we have always recognized how safety is paramount. A key motto for all staff at NMCI Services is and always will be “safety first – safety always”.

Since the development of NMCI Services back in 2008, by management of the NMCI, we have expanded. By joining forces with GAC and SEFtec we have developed our range of course offerings and have become world leaders in maritime training.


Why us?

One element of our long term focus is develop a team of highly skilled and experienced instructors who will deliver our specialised maritime training courses at our $100 million dollar state of the art facilities. Not only have we state of the art facilities but we are a center of excellence with great connectivity. Located only 9 miles from Cork Airport and 1 mile from the Port of Cork, NMCI Services is located on a 10 acre site overlooking Cork harbor – a world class facility on Europe’s doorstep.

As we grow, our team is expanding; we want to have the best in industry on board. Not only are we a great company to work for, but we are continuously developing and meeting the needs of our customer base.



Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn today to kick-start your career with us. Remember, “Our people are our most valuable asset” so let us be your first port of call for a career in the maritime sector.


What our Instructors have to say about us;

“I’ve been working with NMCI Services for a while now and I have to say that the staff are a great bunch of people to work with. I like how I get to interact with so many different people on a daily basis due to the vast amount of short courses we offer here”.


“I like being able to assist people to create a safer environment for them at sea” .


“I really like my position as an instructor within NMCI Services due to the fact that everyday, even though I walk through the same door and enter the same office, it brings me new adventures. I get to meet and be influenced by new people, new traditions and new experiences. The other main reason I love working here is the people and the staff”.













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Behind the scenes at NMCI Services

Posted: February 10, 2015

Delegates complete their FOET training at NMCI


Some of our delegates who completed their FOET training at the NMCI today with our Instructor Joey.

For further course information and upcoming course dates check out our Offshore Courses.



Delegates complete their FOET training at NMCI






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Welcome to the future shipboard workplace

Posted: February 9, 2015


Welcome to the future shipboard workplace

“Intelligent” ship systems are fast becoming a reality, and Rolls-Royce has revealed its vision for the future – ‘smart’ workstations that:

1. Recognise you and adjust to your own preferences

2. They will have augmented reality bridge window displays of key information and hazards that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye

3. And systems that monitor your performance to flag up fatigue risks and training needs

According to Rolls-Royce these clever computers will help to improve seafarers’ working conditions and cut human error.


The future is closer than we think

Rolls-Royce has unveiled their first “Unified Bridge” on board a new platform supply vessel and predicts that ‘Ship Intelligence’ will be the next major transition for the industry. Installed on board the 4,829gt Norwegian flagged PSV Stril Luna, it seeks to provide watch keepers with ‘a functional and easily used human/machine interface’. Rolls-Royce technical manager Ludvig, Kåre Øyen said that their ‘key aims in designing the Unified Bridge have been to offer the operator performance, simplicity and safety with proximity, with an improved view of the aft deck’.

Stril Luna’s master Captain Lars Aure said the Unified Bridge improves the working environment and should improve safety once ‘fine-tuning’ of elements such as screen heights for best sightlines has been completed. Controls are easy to use and logical to handle, and information presented on the screens is clear according to the vessels master captain.


So what is the Unified Bridge all about?

Referred to as the ‘bridge with a brain’ its layout involves two operator chairs on slides, one each side of a centre console. Outside each chair is an outer console, with joysticks and control handles positioned so that the operator can work comfortably from a standing to sitting position.

Necessary data is displayed on 26in touchscreens, while other systems are monitored and controlled from a series of smaller touchscreens located in the consoles. According to Rolls-Royce the setup is flexible so that different screens can be used for different systems and functions as the operators prefer. Because most functions are accessed via touchscreen the number of buttons on the consoles has been greatly reduced as a result.


Future Development

With human error blamed for 75% of shipping accidents and seafarer fatigue being a major risk factor, systems that monitor crew activities may well become more commonplace. Ship intelligence will be the enabler for machines to do some of the jobs done by humans today. Oskar Levander, Rolls-Royce VP for innovation, engineering and technology, said the system is a practical response to the increasingly complex equipment now being fitted to ships.

It’s Future Operator Experience Concept – ‘oX’ – not only offers the crew smart work stations, but also amplified reality bridge window displays of the vessel’s surroundings, including visualisation of potential hazards that would otherwise be invisible to the human eye. The system can pinpoint icebergs or tugs and other crafts that may not be visible to the crew, especially on large containerships.

Rolls-Royce future developments are closer than we think and with the Norwegian- flagged platform supply vessel Stril Luna been fitted with the first ergonomic Unified Bridge, it won’t be long until ‘oX’ concept isn’t too far behind.





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Team Building – An important task for any manager

Posted: February 6, 2015


The NMCI provides Team Building courses to suit clients from all areas of industry. These courses can involve group exercises in our environmental pool, damage repair unit and our 360° full-mission bridge simulator. This high end team building program involves both outdoor and indoor challenges and problem solving.


Why is team building important? 

Team Building is an important task for any manager. One can always assemble a team, but building a team to perform at its best is not the easiest of tasks. That’s why we at NMCI offer a team building day at our state of the art  10 acre campus in Ringaskiddy, Co.Cork.  An array of activities can be offered as part of the Team Building course at NMCI which will meet the needs of each individual client. Our course offers your team an opportunity to improve listening, communication, adaptation, confidence and leadership skills, just to mention a few.


What’s involved?

We can simulate heavy weather conditions in our Environmental Pool i.e. thunder, lightning, rain, wind and waves or have your group navigate a complex set of shipping channels in our “Class A” 360° Degree full mission bridge simulator. All our team building activities require quick thinking, high levels of communication and team work due to the rapid nature of the day’s events.


Remember no matter what industry you and your team work in we can tailor a specific team building day to meet your needs. With a varied level of activities and an array of wet events to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.


Level 1: Fun & Enjoyable day out in a relaxed atmosphere


Level 2: Competitive


Level 3: Boot Camp Style (very competitive & physical; aimed at Adrenaline Junkies)



The wet events we offer are as follows:

1. Swimming Strip Mania


2. I’m a casualty, get me out of here!


3. Mayday Relay


4. Escape to Victory


5. Life Raft Mayhem


6. Sinking Feeling


7. Splash & Dash


8. Rope Walk


9. Debris Recovery


10. Land Ahoy!



Whatever your needs are we at NMCI Services will help you plan your day in advance…. Why not contact our Course Co-Ordinator today on:

 (021)  433 5600



Team Building Pictures

Team Building Pictures




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The NMCI welcomes visitors from Bureau Veritas & Mainport today

Conor Mowlds, Mike Morgan, Yannis Calogeras, Dave Hopkins and Jim O'Byrne

Conor Mowlds, Mike Morgan, Yannis Calogeras, Dave Hopkins and Jim O’Byrne

The NMCI were delighted to welcome Mike Morgan and Yannis Calogeras from Bureau Veritas to our state of the art facilities at Ringaskiddy today along with Dave Hopkins from Mainport .

Pictured above is Conor Mowlds(Head of NMCI) , Mike Morgan (Bureau Veritas), Yannis Caolgeras (Bureau Veritas), Dave Hopkins (Mainport) and Jim O’Byrne (Head of NMCI Services).


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