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NMCI Services,
National Maritime College of Ireland,
Co. Cork,

Telephone: 021-4335609
Fax: 021-4335696

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NMCI Services

We are seeking a Casual Instructor. Must have held a Senior Management role on board a vessel. Must have renewed dangerous cargo endorsement for both oil and chemical since 2010. If interested please contact #NMCI #OilandChemical #NMCIServicesJobs


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LNG market expansion increases the pressure to perform

Posted: April 12, 2011

LNG market expansion increases the pressure to perform

Like so many other shipping sectors, the dynamics of the global LNG industry saw significant changes in the last year. In the past, LNG has typically been transported between the same production and importation terminals for the life of the supply contract, averaging 20 years. However, increasing quantities of LNG are now being supplied into the spot market on short-term contracts โ€“ often securing premiums above the typical market price. The tragic situation in Japan is an example of how the LNG spot market is able to instantly respond to an unexpected demand, where a large percentage of the lost power generation is being made up with significant increased importation of LNG. read more…

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