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NMCI Services,
National Maritime College of Ireland,
Co. Cork,

Telephone: 021-4335609
Fax: 021-4335696

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NMCI Services

Together with the International Organisation for Industrial Emergency Services Management @OfficialJOIFF, we invite you to attend a #JOIFF shared learning meeting, on September 5th at the #NMCI. For full details visit…


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Join us on September 5th for a JOIFF Shared Learning Meeting.

Posted: June 27, 2023


JOIFF Shared Learning Meeting

The International Organisation for Industrial Emergency Services Management in conjunction with NMCI Services invite you to a JOIFF shared learning meeting, on September 5th 2023 at the National Maritime College of Ireland.


The programme will include papers on:

  • EU Regulations relating to PFAS in Firefighting Foam;
  • Practical issues on change over to Fluorine Free Foam (FFF);
  • Alternatively fuelled vehicles;
  • Environmental Emergency Response using a High Volume Pump;
  • Practicalities of Hosting an Emergency Incident on your site;
  • European Standards & new developments for Portable Fire Extinguishers;
  • Oil Spill Response;
  • NMCI Services Training;
  • JOIFF Accredited Training.


Who should attend?

Aimed at management and emergency response personnel within high hazard industries.

This event is open to all.

Why should I attend?

1. Networking: The event provides an excellent opportunity to connect and network with industry experts, professionals, and like-minded individuals from the fire and emergency response sector, which may lead to valuable connections and collaborations.

2. Knowledge Sharing: The JOIFF shared learning meeting will feature presentations and discussions on various topics related to fire safety, emergency response, and industrial firefighting. Attending the event will allow participants to gain new insights, learn about best practices, and stay updated on the latest industry trends.

3. Professional Development: By attending the meeting, individuals can enhance their professional development by participating in discussions to improve their expertise in fire and emergency response.

4. Gain Recognition: The JOIFF shared learning meeting provides a platform for individuals to showcase their expertise, share their experiences, and contribute to discussions on important industry topics.

5. Stay Informed: The event will offer insights into emerging technologies, regulatory changes, and advancements in the field of fire and emergency response.


Cost of registration is €30.00 which will cover tea/coffee breaks and lunch.

Opening address will commence at 0900hrs.

Book your ticket here.

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