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NMCI Services,
National Maritime College of Ireland,
Co. Cork,

Telephone: 021-4335609
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2016 STCW Refresher Schedule

Posted: October 16, 2015


SEFtec NMCI Offshore (SNO) are delighted to announce that they are offering MCA approved STCW Refresher Training. These courses can be booked by clicking here. We are also delighted to announce that our 2016 STCW Refresher Schedule has been finalised and that bookings can be made via: 

In order to join any of the STCW Refresher Training Courses you must show documentary evidence of having completed the full course previously.

Delegates who have kept their training up to date on board ship will be able to sign a self declaration form enabling them to complete the Short Route Refresher Training (3days for all 5 courses). Those who have not kept their training up to date and are unable to sign a self declaration form will have to complete the Long Route Refresher Training (5 days for all 5 courses).

All course dates below run in the following order;

Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting – (full day)

Updated Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques – (half day / full day)

Updated Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats – (half day / full day)

Updated Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting –  (half day / full day)

Updated Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats –  (half day / full day)

We also offer bespoke courses for companies – please call us today on +35321 4335609 to discuss

January 11th – 13th3 Day Refresher
February 18th – 20th3 Day Refresher
February 22nd – 24th3 Day Refresher
March 7th – 9th3 Day Refresher
March 21st – 25th5 Day Refresher Long Route
April 25th – 27th3 Day Refresher
April 27th – 29th3 Day Refresher
May 3rd – 5th3 Day Refresher
May 23rd – 27th5 Day Refresher Long Route
June 6th – 8th3 Day Refresher
June 8th – 10th3 Day Refresher
June 27th – July 1st5 Day Refresher Long Route
July 11th – 13th3 Day Refresher
July 19th – 23rd5 Day Refresher Long Route
August 15th – 17th3 Day Refresher
August 17th – 19th3 Day Refresher
September 19th – 21st3 Day Refresher
September 26th – 28th3 Day Refresher
October 17th – 19th3 Day Refresher
October 24th – 26th3 Day Refresher
November 10th – 12th3 Day Refresher
November 14th – 16th3 Day Refresher
December 5th – 7th3 Day Refresher
December 7th – 9th3 Day Refresher
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