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NMCI Services,
National Maritime College of Ireland,
Co. Cork,

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NMCI Services

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Want to get paid to travel the world?

Posted: February 16, 2016


Gateway to Cruise Line & Ferry Industry

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Want to get paid to travel the world?

If so, we have the opportunities for you or a friend to kick-start a career on-board a Cruise Ship, the key to an ocean of opportunities and the courses which will help you get there.


SEFtec NMCI Offshore (SNO), in conjunction with Cork Education & Training Board, are delighted to announce that we will be running a FREE  – “Gateway to Cruise Line & Ferry Industry” Course, which is funded by Cork Training Centre.  If you’re looking for something different then a career within the Cruise Line Industry may be just for you.

Positions in demand can vary greatly from hospitality, to beauticians, hairdressers, receptionists, personal trainers, childcare workers, and security / administration personnel to EI Technicians.

A presentation outlining details about this FREE course  will take place at the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) on April 20th at 10am. For further details on this exciting course please email :


Still unsure about whether life on a Cruise Liner is for you? Check out a testimonial from a past delegate below;


“I completed  the Gateway to Cruise Line and Ferry Industry course at the National Maritime College of Ireland. With top class facilities and exceptional, knowledgeable and experienced instructors, this course was a major success”.

“I have learned invaluable skills, gained awareness and knowledge which I will use when working on-board Cruise Liners. Having a past employee of a major Cruise Liner be part of this programme transformed the course and gave a real insight into the Cruise Line Industry. I could clearly imagine exactly what it would be like to work and live on-board”.

“I always had an interest in travelling the world while working; what it would be like to work on-board a cruise liner. Not alone does the course answer my question; it has also given me the training, knowledge and confidence needed to seek out work on-board a Cruise Liner. I would like to thank SNO, CETB and all the instructors for their time and dedication in making this course a major success”.

(Claire O’Halloran, Gateway to Cruise Line & Ferry Industry Delegate) 


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