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NMCI Services

We have added extra #STCW refresher dates to our January schedule. Short route STCW #refresher #training dates have been added to the week commencing Jan 18th.… Long Route STCW refresher training dates added from Jan 20-23rd.…


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TG4 film at the NMCI

Posted: July 1, 2015


Today we were delighted to welcome crew members from “Meangadh Fíbín” who are currently filming a new series called “Is Eolaí Mé” for TG4 which is scheduled to be aired in January 2016. The series, “Is Eolaí Mé” (I’m a scientist) , looks at the various aspects of science, technology and the maritime sector. To date the crew have filmed in a recycling centre, on the Celtic Voyager, the National Maritime College of Ireland and have a busy schedule lined up for the coming weeks before going to the studio back in Galway in September to edit.

Peadar, the show’s presenter, was introduced to the life of a mariner this morning at the NMCI as he donned gear and experienced our environmental pool (Check out the environmental pool facilities below).  Peadar was filmed in stormy conditions in one of our life rafts.

Once the crew arrived on site, they began filming outside the college where Peadar spoke about the college facilities, the ever changing weather in Ireland and how many professions are reliant on the weather e.g. Mariners . Once this scene had been shot the crew moved up to the pool area where Peadar was getting ready to experience the “Stormy” weather conditions. The film crew took several shots and even used a Go Pro Camera & Drone to film some scenes. Two of our instructors, Elizabeth & Cillian, were with the film crew this morning alongside our Senior SNO Instructor Terry O’Brien. Safety is paramount during any training exercise and even during filming the safety of delegates is paramount. Check out some of the behind the scenes pictures below which were taken this morning.

Coiméad súil amach ar an laethanach seo le haghaidh tuilleadh eolas faoin sraith nua a bheadh ag teacht amach i mí Éanáir 2016. We had to put in some Gaeilge there as the show will be as Gaeilge . Keep an eye out on our page here for further information on the new tv series which is due to be aired in January 2016.

Is Eolaí Mé Is Eolaí Mé Is Eolaí Mé Is Eolaí Mé Is Eolaí Mé Is Eolaí Mé Is Eolaí Mé Is Eolaí Mé Is Eolaí Mé Is Eolaí Mé



Our “Sea Survival Pool”  is 20m x 8m indoor pool where the temperature is maintained at 21oC. It has a depth of 5m at its deepest end which extends for 7.5m and a depth of 2.5m at the shallow end. The environmental conditions which can be created include :

  • Wave generator with variable setting
  • Wind generated by large fans
  • Rain sprinkler system
  • Thunder and lightning using strobe lights and audio effects
  • Day and night capability

Equipment and facilities at the environmental pool include :

  • A dive tank (8m deep, 4m diameter) for training divers in underwater burning and welding
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Trainer (HUET) for ditched helicopter evacuation training
  • Marine evacuation system (MES) including landing platform
  • A large variety of inflatable life rafts and associated equipment
  • Jumping platforms at 1, 2, 4 and 6 metre heights
  • A comprehensive selection of dry suits, wetsuits, life jackets and PFD’s
  • Pool side safety equipment
  • Numerous survival equipment display boards
  • Life raft repair room
  • Divers workshop
  • Changing rooms with showers, lockers and WC’s
  • Disabled changing facilities
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